5 Excellent reasons to use Safari instead of Chrome on a Mac

Safari is Mac’s default browser and over time it developed into a fully featured app. Of course, you have other notable options, such as Chrome for example, which is also an excellent option. While you might be tempted to use the latter, there are plenty of reasons to use Safari instead of Chrome on a Mac.

Both browsers have modern and clean looks, robust security features and various customization options. Not to say Chrome is not a good choice, but as a Mac user, there are certain benefits of using Safari instead.

5 Excellent reasons to use Safari instead of Chrome on a Mac

So you tried Chrome, you tried Safari, perhaps you tried other browsers as well, and you’re wondering if there are other things you need to consider (besides the ones you’ve noticed yourself) before making a final decision. We’ll discuss the most relevant reasons to use Safari instead of Chrome on a Mac, and hopefully they’ll make you stick to Apple’s browser.

1. Improved privacy

You know Google’s free products still come at a price (just like magic!). The tech giant is very skilled at collecting user data (anonimized, of course), which is not something privacy-conscious users are thrilled of.

Apple also collects usage data from Safari, but it’s much more limited compared to what Google collects since data tracking and analysis is not something Apple heavily relies on, unlike Google.

2. Flawless integration

Apple’s products always integrate into their operating systems and Safari on Mac makes no exception. For example, Safari integrates with the Keychain functionality of macOS which provides auto-fill for names, addresses, as well as login credentials. This information syncs to all Apple devices via iCloud so you can use it on your Mac, iPhone, and iPad.

Safari also benefits from Picture-in-Picture that allows you to pin HTML5 videos in a floating window and on laptops Safari integrates with Track Pad Multitouch and the Touch Bar. You’ll also get updates from websites directly to your desktop with no need for extensions via push notifications.

4. Better responsiveness

Chrome is one of the fastest browsers, and truth be told Safari is not far behind but it is more responsive to user input. That’s largely because it better integrates with Apple’s graphics rendering pipeline which ensures a faster interaction feedback and enhanced scrolling experience while also requiring a lower amount of system resources compared to Chrome.

5. Increased battery life

This is definitely not surprising because Safari was optimized by Apple for MacBook and MacBook Pro devices to use as little battery as possible. This is even more noticeable on older Macs. On top of that, Safari requires less CPU because it runs fewer individual processes than Chrome which means your laptop’s fans won’t be working so hard to cool the system.

Final words

For a regular user, it’s better to use Safari on a Mac rather than Chrome. However, it doesn’t mean Chrome doesn’t have additional perks. Google’s browser has a popular rendering engine so all developers test their websites on Chrome’s infrastructure, it has a robust set ot web developer tools, plus its collection of extensions is rivaled only by Firefox. Nevertheless, unless you need a certain feature that’s only available in Chrome, there’s no reason to choose it over Safari other than personal preference.

Which browser are you using on your Mac? Safari or Chrome?

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