Best Windows 10 email clients

These days we heavily rely on emails since they have managed to greatly simplify communication. Even with emails being much easier to send and received compared to traditional letters, many of us use more than one email account and receive dozens of messages on a daily basis. Since this can complicate email management, we’re going to talk about the best Windows 10 email clients which can help you easily stay on top of your messages.

There’s no shortage of email clients, which is precisely why it can be difficult to choose one. Our list is designed to help you make an informed decision and have a reliable app to help you manage your multiple email accounts, as well as keep spam and other unwanted messages at bay.

Best Windows 10 email clients

Since it’s so easy to send and receive emails, we often wake up in the morning with our inboxes full. Some of those messages are newsletter subscriptions, some of them are pure spam, and just a small percentage are important emails we actually need to see. These Windows 10 email clients will help you manage all your email accounts but also keep your inboxes clean and relevant.


Mailbird is a lightweight but highly functional email client for Windows 10. You can use it to manage multiple email accounts, label your messages and search through folders using the built-in function.

Furthermore, you can perform various actions using keyboard shortcuts and it comes with full support for HTML emails. Mailbird has a modern interface that’s customizable using various colors and layouts but also includes touch support, a contact manager and built-in calendar and messaging apps.


Outlook is Microsoft’s email management solution that’s packed into the Office software suit but shouldn’t be dismissed. Its collection of features is impressive although it comes with a practical and intuitive interface.

Advanced users will be pleased by Outlook’s powerful capabilities but thanks to its user-friendliness even those with less technical experience can enjoy its basic email client functions without trouble. Since Outlook apps are available for all popular mobile and desktop platforms, you will also be able to use it on all your devices.

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Mozilla Thunderbird

Thunderbird is a versatile email client because the basic version provides an essential set of features but you can expand its capabilities using numerous extensions that were created for it, just like you would a web browser.

The desktop client comes with an RSS feed reader, a robust spam filter, a multi-channel chat, a friendly mail account setup wizard, as well as advanced filters and search tools. One of my favorite features is the attachment reminder – this function automatically looks for keywords related to attachments in the body of your email and alerts you if you didn’t attach anything before hitting the send button. Pretty neat, right?


Moving from desktop email clients to Windows 10 apps, MetroMail is one of the simplest solutions for email management thanks to its minimal interface and straightforward features. It bundles some of Gmail’s most powerful features including inbox categories, archiving, and label management.

On top of that, MetroMail also works on Windows 10 Mobile devices and comes with live tile syncing between devices so you’ll always be up to date with the latest messages.

Mail for Windows 10

In case you find this name familiar, it’s probably because this is the stock Windows 10 email client. Yes, you probably already have it installed. As you probably suspect, it’s not as feature-heavy as Outlook but its main purpose is to be easy to setup and use, and it doesn’t disappoint in this regard.

Support for rich notifications, popular email providers such as Gmail, Yahoo!, Outlook and Office 365, as well as flawless integration with other stock Windows 10 apps make it one of the best choices if you need a simple yet functional email client.

These are the best Windows 10 email clients we recommend you try. However, we’re aware there are plenty other reliable options available so if you know one please┬ádon’t hesitate to share it with us!

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