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12 Practical Kodi tips and tricks

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Safari is Mac’s default browser and over time it developed into a fully featured app. Of course, you have other notable options, such as Chrome for example, which is also an excellent option. While you might be tempted to use the latter, there are plenty of reasons to use Safari instead of Chrome on a …

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Kodi is a well-known TV streaming app that’s had over a decade at its disposal to develop into the feature-rich application it is today. However, Kodi’s open-source nature doesn’t make it the most user-friendly app which is why we’ve got some excellent Kodi tips and tricks to help you use it without too much hassle. …

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I realize that even with all the latest technological advancements a plane with great in-flight Wi-Fi seems a bit Sci-Fi (pun intended). But it’s true. Honeywell is testing a customized Boeing 757 with satellite connectivity that would allow us to freely use Wi-Fi during flights with no restrictions. The plane includes HoneyWell’s JetWave hardware that also …

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