Share your WiFi in iOS 11 (no need to remember the password anymore)

iOS 11 makes it very easy to setup your iPhone for the first time, and also log into accounts. One of the related features enables you to easily share your WiFi in iOS 11. Say a friend that also has a phone running iOS 11 visits you. You can allow them to log into your WiFi with a single tap – no need for them to type in your password.

How to share your WiFi in iOS 11

To begin with, you will need to have an iOS 11 device already connected to the WiFi network you want to share. Your friend would also need to have an iOS 11 device. Then, they simply need to attempt to connect to your WiFi and the regular password field will pop up.

But look at what it says right under the password field. You can “request access” to the WiFi network by holding your iPhone near an unlocked iOS device or Mac that already has the password. Just tap on the “Send Password” button and give it a few seconds. The other device will receive the credentials from yours and automatically fill in the password field then connect to the network. Voila!

I have to admit this is a truly awesome feature. No more trying to dictate that super long and jumbled password from the back of your router. This is basically a one-tap action that’s so convenient. Also, for security purposes, the iPad or iPhone that’s already connected to the network and has the password must be unlocked in order to share it so no one can come and “hijack” your password.

It’s not one of those frequently used features, but it is one that feels like a godsend when we actually need it. Of course, iOS 11 has numerous other improvements and not all of them are mind blowing but they do make a significant upgrade regarding the iOS user experience.

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